Best time to visit Greece

July 27, 2023

Greece has a lot for visitors from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea to the rich historical sites with a variety of cuisine. It is the country that is on the wish list of every European traveler. Plan your trip to Greece and before that look for the best time for Greece tourism. You can see the preferable weather, tourism crowd, and affordable pricing season to choose the best holiday time for you.

Check the best suitable time according to the weather conditions.

Best weather time for Greece tourism-

There’s no bad weather to visit Greece. If you want to visit after warm weather then late spring or early fall is the best time for Greece tourism. From April to June or the month of September October comes as early fall or spring.

The temperature is perfect for relaxing on the beach and taking a dip in the ocean. May and June is the perfect month for ocean time and chill. In September the average temperature drops a bit little and that makes October even cooler. But in Greece, cold weather doesn’t feel uninviting. You can explore the best islands in Greece. Apply for a Greece holiday visa and enjoy the best holiday ever.

If you want to explore Greece during its best popular time check the details below.

A most popular time to visit Greece-

The best time of year to visit Greece is late spring or summer. During these seasons all the tourist destinations and venues are open to welcome the visitors. Back In June 2019, 4.12 million travelers were welcomed in Greece. Also in July and August of the same year, the graph of visitors goes from 4.91 million to 5.45 million.

These months of the year are marked as the best time for Greece tourism. Plan your vacations accordingly if you want to get indulge with visitors from different nationalities or parts of Europe. Apply for a Greece holiday visa from the UK for the express visa process during the peak vacation time.

Let’s check the least crowded time for Greece tourism.

The least crowded time for a Greece visit-

If you are looking for a peaceful vacation hitting the beaches, then welcome to Greece during the winter month. During the winter season, the crowd is much thinner. During January or February, the average crowd is between 500,000 to 600,000. Winter also holds unlimited thrills to visit Greece.

You can explore beaches and architectural beauty in winter. Make sure you book hotels and accommodations in advance, as due to winter majority of hotels are shut.

Best cheapest time for Greece tourism-

Honestly, the best time to visit Greece depends on your preferences and what you are looking for. Don’t miss to explore the Greek islands, especially in late spring. You can also visit in mid-summer but the temperature is a bit hot around.

If you are worried about the budget, know that a Greek trip is easily possible under budget. All you need is to make an itinerary plan accordingly. The cheapest month to book a flight to Greece is September, October, and November. Also if you book a flight for November it will be 18% cheaper as compared to the average yearly flight price. Apply now for Greece visa UK appointments to get your visa back within 15 calendar days.

Check Greece’s outlook for each season-

Greece in spring (April-June)-
  • The temperature at Northern Island during the spring season is very mild ranging between 5-29°C. The center-south Island is slightly warmer around 11-31°C. The weather is mostly warm and sunny except for some northern parts.
  • The most significant reason to visit Greece in spring is because of the shoulder season. As there is lesser number of visitors and pleasant weather. All tourist destinations are free from crowds. Not just less crowded but also the Easter celebration is one significant thing to visit Greece during spring. The celebration goes on for 4 days and on international museum day (18th May) you will get free entry to all the museums across Greece.
  • You can easily get accommodations, as there’s no such crowd. Bring light cotton cloths as per the season with a valid Greece holiday visa.

Greece in summer (July-August)-

  • The temperature during the summer is between 15 to 32° in the north and around 21 to 33°C in the center south. Summer is the hot time for Greece tourism with occasional rains. Although summer is the peak tourism time for Greece. The country comes with a lot of many celebrations as August is marked as the annual holiday of Greece. It is also known as the best time of year to visit Greece.
  • If you ever dreamt of a sunny Mediterranean holiday then this is the best time for Greece tourism. Apply for a Greece visa UK and be part of Greece’s art festival which is organized every year in summer.
  • Make pre-bookings for everything and carry a good sunscreen lotion and comfortable light clothes to wear.

Greece in autumn (September-October)-

  • The average temperature during autumn is between 8 to 27°C Up in the north and 15 to 29° C in the south. Usually, it remains hot before mid of September. Make bookings and apply now for a Greece holiday visa to explore the early winter adventures in Greece.
  • Bring hiking boots and appropriate rain gear if you are looking to trek during these months in Greece.

Greece in winter (November-March)-

  • The temperature ranges between 3 to 15°C around the north, this makes it a bit colder than the southern region where the temperature ranges between 7 to 20° C.
  • Book your Greece visa from the UK and witness the wonderful Christmas celebration of the country. Pack your heavy winter clothes with you as Greece is very wet and cold during winter.