Relive the magical Christmas Spirit at Christmas Factory- Athens

December 4, 2018

Christmas is the season of festive joy, Christmas rum cakes, cookies & donuts, relaxing fireplaces, mangers, illuminated Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas carols & much more! The festival of Christmas signifies the birth of Lord Jesus who taught the message of love, peace & brotherhood to the nations.
The true charm of Christmas lies in exchanging gifts & cakes with family & friends and cherishing luscious cuisines of this magical season.
What a joy if you can find all the Christmas marvels gathered at one place! If being yulephile & gourmand is more of your kind then you must head to this magical place in Athens known as Christmas factory.

Christmas factory & its Attractions

Christmas factory is the place where dreams turn to reality & fairy tales come true!
From 30th Nov 2018 to 6thJan 2019, the Christmas factory at Technopolis city of Athens in Gazi will be opened to public everyday from 10 AM to 10 PM spreading its magic & charm to every nook & corner of Athens.

This large & fascinating Christmas market will serve as a great festive place for kids & adults to meet Santa and cherish delectable cuisines, incredible surprises and gather unforgettable memories for life. Christmas factory aims to bring you fancy workshops, luscious gourmet varieties & lots of free activities and events in the admission fee.

The grounds of Christmas Factory cover a vast area of more than 25,000 square meters, wherein around 500 natural fir trees are illuminated with Christmas themed decorative items. These illuminated & enchanted fir trees galvanize the entire Christmas factory & transform the ambience to an intriguing one.

I bet even Ebenezer Scrooge won’t be able to resist the charm of beautiful temptations of Christmas factory.

Until 6th January 2019, Technopolis city will be filled with the exuberant Elves performing playful acts & trying their best to bring Christmas charm that kids dream of. Additional entertainment activities include theatrical performances, imaginative workshops for adults & kids, numerous games & delicious treats.

Another alluring surprise of Christmas factory includes The School of Magic, exclusively added for the kids who are imaginative & fearless. Children will be given an opportunity to get introduced to the secrets of magic & another 3 rooms will put their knowledge to test.

The products for Christmas Shopping are beautifully arranged in traditional wooden huts. Visitors can enjoy their Christmas Shopping & cherish Grand Carousel, Christmas wheel, impressive eco-roller coaster, choir-singing & much more!

Christmas Factory of Athens provides the ultimate opportunity to relive the magical Spirit of Christmas, live life to the fullest & gather memories for life. Find the perfect excuse to indulge in the magic of Christmas by visiting the Christmas factory that will be held at Technopolis city of Athens in Gazi from 30 November 2018- 6 January 2019.

To make this magical & alluring trip happening, apply for Greece Visa today & head to Christmas Factory.