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7 great Reasons to visit Greece during Winters

December 5, 2020

Visiting Greece in summer is an excellent idea, but going on a winter holiday in Greece is also great. Greece is generally considered as a top summer destination but what is not generally known, is that Greece is a winter destination too with amazing sites worth visiting and many popular activities worth doing. The Greece temperatures can reach as high as 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) in November and December in the southern parts. In this blog post, we have given seven reasons to visit Greece during winters for spending holidays.

Affordable trip

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If you want to travel to Greece on a budget, go on a winter break. During winters, you’ll find that most of the things are cheaper, especially in the popular destinations which are too expensive in summer. You can visit a lot of Greek islands in winter and hotels and restaurants would be available with very low rates compared to summer. So if you are least interested in visiting Greek beaches there are a few islands that can be conveniently visited in winter, for example, Santorini, Syros, Crete, Rhodes, Hydra, Corfu to name a few. Another advantage of traveling to Greece in winter is that all the airfares would be cheaper, both domestic and international. Santorini is the most visited island of Greece and a popular instagrammable spot which is less crowded during winter. You can click your best pictures at Santorini in winters.

Greece is Less crowded in winters

You will find everything crowded during the active summer season. During summers, you will have to stand in a long queue for visiting the ancient citadel: The Acropolis of Athens. On the contrary, visiting Greece during winters will offer you a more enjoyable experience, visiting popular landmarks without crowds of tourists.

Opportunity to explore Greece more conveniently

kavala greece

The capital of Greece- Athens is a great destination to visit all year round. Planning for winter holiday in Greece? As a tourist, you will get a better chance to observe the country’s local life during winters. You can visit countless sites in Athens and you can also visit other beautiful cities in Greece which are worth exploring, The vibrant city- Thessaloniki in the north features many archaeological sites, delicious food, and amazing shopping scenes and lively nightlife. Kavala is a very picturesque seaside town built amphitheatrical with numerous sites worth visiting.

Enjoy a variety of sports activities


You can also ski in Greece! There are a few snowboards and big ski centers in Greece. The popular ones are the ones in Arachova and Kalavryta. Other popular sports activities are hiking trails in the mountainous regions, horseback riding, rafting in the country’s rivers. Every November, one of the world’s leading athletic events- Athens Marathon takes place in Greece’s capital, where athletes from across the world participate to run the original classic route.


Explore popular winter destinations

Apart from the crowded Greek islands and the country’s big cities, Greece has many popular winter destinations surrounded by great natural beauty. The beautiful villages of Zagorohoria and the town of Kastoria in Epirus, Pelion villages, Arachova, and lake Plastira near Meteora in Thessalia. Kalavryta, Mani, and Nafplio in Peloponnese are a few. All these places with their picturesque scenery, incredible nature, archaeological sites, and local cuisine make Greece a perfect destination to visit during winters.

Experience local festivals

Many places around Greece arrange and host different festive events and celebrations in the winter months. Traveling to Greece in winter is a great way to witness local traditions which include local dances, authentic Greek food, and much more. If traveling with kids, you can enjoy various theme parks across the country.

You can witness the local festival Ragoutsaria in the Kastoria – a city in northern Greece which starts on the day of the Epiphany ( Epiphany starts from Christmas Eve until January 6th). In this three-day festival, visitors can see locals dressed up in their traditional costumes and dancing in the streets. 

Swim in a thermal lake

Greece is a paradise for the winter swimmers. For the daredevils who can dare to swim in winters, the Athens Riviera has many beaches to offer, such as Lake Vouliagmeni to enjoy the natural experience of a thermal spa.


Greece is a great all-year-round- whether it’s summer or winters!. Apply for Greece visa to visit this beautiful country with thousands of islands and have an amazing time. We assure you that you’ll get back with wonderful memories and yes, with plenty of beautiful photographs for your upcoming Instagram feeds. Traveling to Greece in winters will allow you to explore the undiscovered places of this beautiful country from a different point of view!

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