Dining in Greece

August 21, 2018

With its rich cultural history, Greece is like an apple for tourists eyes. These admirers travel to Greece with a valid Greece Schengen Visa and cherish the memories of the time spent in this marvelous country. Along with the endless tourist attractions, Greece also presents vast varieties of cuisine to be enjoyed by the food lovers from all over the world!

When travelling in Greece with your beloved, you can exploit the opportunity of experimenting with the local delicacies! Here is a rich dinner choice handpicked straight from the oasis of Greek specialties!

  • Appetizers:
  1. Kolokythoanthoi – Though a tough competition is there to select the right appetizing dish, Squash blossom dish Kolokythoanthoi wins the race with its Greek authenticity! Stuffed with rice and served with curd, these edible flowers are amazing to taste.
  2. Tiropita – A sweet and savory pastry with cheese filled thin phyllo dough shaped in triangle is considered an absolute appetizing delicacy before a Greek meal.


  • Soups:
  1. Faki Soup – High in nutritional values and rich in fiber & protein, Faki Soup is primarily made from Lentils grown in the countryside. It may have all type of lentils placed with or without the outer husk. Known for its medicinal importance, it is a primary ingredient of a daily meal among locals. The taste can be enchanted by adding vegetables, flavorings and even meat.
  2. Tripe Soup – Made from the stomach linings of farm animals like cow, The Patsas soup is preferred after a rich party filled with alcohol as a Hangover controller. It also helps in activating digestive muscles of the body.


  • Non Vegetarian Specialty:
  1. Giouvetsi – Meat lovers have the freedom to choose the type of meat when ordering this mouth watering baked brilliance! The choices are chicken, Lamb and Beef baked with olive oil, garlic, red wine & shallots. Best served with pasta and rice, the tendered meat dissolves in mouth!
  2. Safridia – Oil rich Mackerel fish is preferred over other aquatic types. Just ask the waiter for Safridia mackerel and enjoy a number of sub dishes.


  • Vegetarian Specialty:
  1. Gigandes Plaki – Usually preferred as a side dish with alcoholic beverages, this dish is prepared by cooking pre boiled & tendered large runner beans with garlic, onion, sugar and celery in a tomato based sauce. It can be seen as a main dish in winter season throughout Greece. Fasolakia is the the summer dish with green Beans used as the primary ingredient.
  2. Horta – Green leafy vegetables rich in iron when boiled with Vinegar and a pinch of salt with virgin olive oil make Horta, It is a preferred dish in Greece with a variety of green leafy vegetables changing the look, feel and taste of it.

Dining in Greece


  • Deserts / Sweets:
  1. Diples – Primarily preferred during festive seasons, Diples is a desert dish with thin strips of dough dipped in honey and shaped in different patterns.
  2. Spoon Sweets – Fruit Preserves are usually preferred as a dinner completion dish, These could be oranges, seedless berries, grapes, lemons , prunes and even cherry tomatoes.


  • Greek Beer or Mavrodafni Red wine.

Though there are endless varieties to pick from, Make your own choice of a perfect dinner in Greece Travel on a Greece Schengen Visa Now!