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Greece Visa Documents

The major precondition to successfully complete the Greece visa process is furnishing the adequate Greece Visa Requirements. Greece Visa Documents requirement varies according to the type of visa required by the applicant. To get the Greece visa, one needs to be sure about furnishing the right documents to assure approval.
For assistance here is a list of the general document required to be furnished by the visa applicant to successfully get the visa for Greece –

  • A valid passport with UK’s residency permit – The applicant needs to furnish his / her UK’s residency permit along with his valid passport which should not be more than 10 years old with a minimum of two blank unmarked pages. In addition, the passport should be valid for a minimum duration of three months beyond the intended stay in Greece.
  • Passport format photograph – The applicant needs to furnish two passport format photographs revealing the full facial features of the applicant with adequate brightness and color contrast. In addition, the applicant shouldn’t be wearing any head coverings and the photograph should not be more than 3 months old.
  • Travel health insurance – The applicant need to have a travel medical insurance to provide for any travel or medical emergency which could arise at any time during the stay with a minimum cover of 30,000 €.
  • A cover letter – The applicant needs to furnish a cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Greece. In case of an invitation from a resident in Greece then the invitation should be furnished with the cover letter.
  • Proof of accommodation/ hotel reservation – The proof of advance hotel booking or rental agreement for the intended stay in Greece is needed to be furnished. The proof should contain the intended stay duration, with the name and contact details of the hotel where the applicant would be staying.
  • Transportation proof – The transportation arrangements including the train/flight tickets or in case of travel by car the applicant needs to furnish the driving license and vehicle registration documents with the complete travel itinerary as a transportation proof.
  • Means of subsistence – The applicant needs to furnish a proof of income to ensure that he/she has enough funds for the intended stay in Greece. The proof should include the applicant’s UK’s bank account statement which should not be more than 3 months old along with the credit card statement, three recent pay slips, and a traveler’s cheque.

In addition to the above specified general requirements, the applicant also needs to furnish some additional documents as per his / her employment status.

For employed:

  • The applicant needs to furnish the employment contract.
  • Employer’s permission for the leave.
  • Latest six months current bank account statement.
  • Income tax return form or certificate of TDS from the salary.

Unemployed and married to the EU citizen:

  • The valid passport of the spouse.
  • A confirmation from the spouse’s employer stating his position in the company along with the starting date.
  • Marriage certificate which should be in English or German translation and the translation should be certified as a true copy either by the Legalization Bureau of Foreign office of UK or by the embassy of the country where the marriage took place.

For self – employed:

  • Last 6 month’s bank statement of the company.
  • A copy of the applicant’s business license.
  • Income tax return (ITR)

For students:

  • No objection certificate from the school/university.
  • The proof of enrollment.

For retired:

  • Last six month’s pension statement.

For children under 18 years of age

    The underage children should be accompanied by the parents or a legal guardian at the time of visiting the embassy. The minor who has been granted a visa should be accompanied by an adult during the entire stay duration in Greece.

For medical purpose:

  • The applicant needs to furnish a local medical report.
  • The medical fees payment receipts.
  • A confirmation of the date of appointment and the medical situation through a medical assentation from the doctor or hospital in Greece.

For Sports, cultural, religious purpose or film crew

  • The respective names of the applicants
  • Intended stay duration
  • The full travel itinerary
  • An invitation letter from the above-mentioned authorities the required details regarding the nature of event or activities.

For the members of official designations

  • The identity of the applicant
  • The duration of the intended stay
  • A copy of the official invitation
  • The place of accommodation
  • The motive of the journey (consultations, event by intergovernmental organizations, meetings or negotiations)

For study, training, research or another type of internship purposes

  • Proof of financial subsistence
  • Courses attended or the certificate of completion
  • The enrollment certificate permitting attendance of courses

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