Greece- Cradle of Western Civilization

September 11, 2019

Inhabitant of over sixty islands and birthplace of democracy, as well as of Olympic Games, Athens, the Greek capital is an enchanting place to visit. People are looking ways to get Greece Schengen Visa materialized. Explore the colors of Greece by getting Greece tourist visa. Fill Greece Visa Application Form and pay nominal Greece tourist Visa Fees. You can even apply for Greece Visa online.

Located to the southern part of European continent, Greece counts among the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

Venture into the spellbinding sites of this historic country. Let us look at some of the enticing locations that are worth visiting:


  1. ATHENS: Athens- the cultural, administrative and economic center of Greece and one of the oldest cities of the world has a long and fascinating history. As you walk by the major archaeological sites and streets lined up with houses and mansions, you will have an impression of walking with the time machine.

Ancient monuments, big and small churches, remnants of Ottoman period, museums, cafes, bars and shops selling traditional Greek products will pave your way as you walk down narrow cobbled streets.


  1. DELPHI THEATRE: Built along the slope of Mount Parnassus, this ancient theatre is another alluring archaeological site of Greece. This theatre includes the Sanctuary of Apollo and gives audience a spectacular view of the entire sanctuary and the olive valley below. Its basic structure includes, stone seats, horseshoe shaped orchestra and a round stage.                                                                   meteora
  2. METEORA: Graceful complex of huge stones pillars and the inhabitant of heaven reaching monasteries, Meteora is a heap of visual delight. The monasteries of Meteora are declared as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The exquisite landscape and the natural grandeur give unique experience to the visitors. The mystic, inspiring and serene atmosphere of Meteora sun set can be cherished in the dusk when the huge masses of the tourists are gone.               maxresdefault
  3. MYRTOS BEACH: Renowned and multi-awarded, Myrtos beach counts among 10 best beaches of Greece. This beautiful beach is located on the Ionian island of Kefalonia. The beach is backed by steep limestone cliffs. The view from the cliff is dramatic and breathtaking. The crystal clear water of the beach and the surrounding sediment of million white pebbles is both invigorating and alluring to the soul. As the sun goes down, relish the blissful view of red sky merging into the blues.
  4. RHODES TOWN: Known for its golden beaches and relaxed life-style, Rhodes is one of the well-preserved towns of medieval towns of Europe. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, it is a plethora of different architectural styles. As you walk down the labyrinthine alleyways, get lost in the maze of historic streets lined with the buildings from Byzantine, Ottoman, Venetian and Italian eras.

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