Thessaloniki International Film Festival | 24th June 2021

August 23, 2019

The 62nd Edition of the globally acclaimed Thessaloniki International Film Festival is coming to Greece in June 2021. It is going to be as grand and fierce as ever! Once again, a large number of Greek & International artists will gather in Thessaloniki, the arts city of Greece, to compete & showcase their talents & expertise.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021

For 10 complete days, the thrilling atmosphere of Cinematography takes over the city & adds an everlasting touch of glamour to it. The city of Thessaloniki is transformed to a place of discovery as people from around the world visit Greece to celebrate the global independent cinema.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF) ranks amongst the most prestigious film festivals that are held across the Southern Europe. People from around the world visit Greece every November with the motive of meeting internationally renowned directors & actors. This international film festival features international films, cinematic surprises, notable guests, workshops, panel discussions & sidebar events. In addition to that, film festival Thessaloniki features a myriad of screenings & other activities to suit the palate of audience of all the ages.

The 61st Edition of the renowned TIFF was held from 5th November – 15th November 2020.

History of Thessaloniki International Film Festival:

The distinguished TIFF was launched in year 1960 as Thessaloniki Film Festival. The first edition of the festival revolved exclusively around Greek Festivals as a modest Week of Greek Cinema.

Thessaloniki Film Festival was then named as “Festival of Greek Cinema” from year 1965 to 1991 & passed through various phases. Fortunately, the ostentatious appearance of the local showbiz actors in the initial years of the festival helped it to be recognized as an important social event.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) acknowledged the increasing popularity of this Greek film festival. The festival was then taken to an international realm in year 1992 & became an annual event.

The TIFF has remarkably made its place amongst the Southeast Europe’s Film Festivals. It focuses on showcasing the work of young, talented & emerging filmmakers on an international platform. It aims to discover the talented directors from around the world & promote them.

More than hundreds of Greek & international guests & 70,000 people from around the world attend this attend this colossal cinematographic event & watch the screening of international movies each year. A Greece Visa is all that it takes to attend this colossal celebration of independent global cinema.

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Details of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021:

Date: 24th June 2021, Thursday

Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece

Festival Type: Real Venue Festival

Type of Films: Documentary, Experimental & Narrative Fiction

Major Highlights of TIFF 2021:

The 60th Anniversary of the notable TIFF seeks to bring global audience & filmmakers under one roof. Mentioned below are the major highlights of this enthralling celebration of global independent cinema.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

1). Colossal Exhibition:

Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021 will feature a gigantic exhibition entirely dedicated to the inventive & artistic work of Nikos Koundouros, a renowned Greek Director. This exhibition will be organized in the Pier A of the Port of the Thessaloniki, an arena especially designed to hold exhibitions.

2). Awards to Be Presented:

Awards to be presented at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021 include the following categories:

  • Golden Alexander
  • Silver Alexander
  • Best Director
  • Best Script
  • Female/Male Performance
  • Best Artistic Achievements
3). Programs:

Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021 will feature the following programs:

  • An Official contest for 1st & 2nd Full-length Feature Movies
  • An Official Separate non-competitive section for Greek Films
  • Various retrospectives & tributes dedicated to the work of young & leading international film-makers
  • An exclusive section dedicated to the Balkan Movies, named “Balkan Survey”
  • Special Screening Sections

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