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4 Top-notch things to do in Crete Island

November 23, 2019

Crete is Greece’s largest island, which is located on the Aegean Sea’s southern side. This enigmatic place boasts of extravagant beaches, beguiling historical sites, zesty Greek cuisine and picturesque landscapes. This makes Crete one of the best Greek islands.
Planning a Greece vacation? Wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Or just want to enjoy the sun-kissed beaches? Then Crete Island in Greece is the place to be. Apply for a Greece visa online to visit this enchanting Greece destination and make your vacation a memorable one.

4 must-try things while visiting Crete Island in Greece:

Add these 4 must-try things to your bucket list on the next visit to this Greek island:

Relax on the sun-kissed beaches:

A variety of beaches made up of pebble and soft-sand draw hundreds of tourists for an enjoyable vacation. You can visit the renowned Elafonissi beach, famous for its pink and white sand or the Balos beach. If you want to enjoy picturesque sceneries, head over to Matala or Preveli beach. Whichever beach you choose in Crete Island, you are bound to get mesmerized. Grab a visa for Greece and enjoy a fantastic trip with your loved ones.

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Enjoy an offbeat vacation at Agios Nikalaos:

This exquisite city is located on the northern coast of east Crete. It is an unusual tourist spot that might surprise you with its charming beaches and the fabulous Mirabello bay. Visit the intriguing Diktean cave, enjoy a delicious dinner in the waterfront restaurants of Lake Voulismeni or go trekking on the mountains of Krista. Mark this remarkable location in your Greece travel guide. Delight your loved ones with an exciting holiday to unwind and rejuvenate.


Explore the palace of Knossos:

This archaic palace is an iconic tourist destination of the Crete island. It is rumored to have been the residence of King Minos. The entry fees is 15 Euro but it is worth the price. You will get to learn about the ancient history of Greece. There are some amazing paintings and a magnanimous throne room as well. Choose this grand palace on your Greece travel and make memories for life.


Savor the piquant Greek cuisine:

The best way to enjoy your indelible vacation is to gorge on the delectable dishes of Greek cuisine. Try the famous Moussaka, a dish made up of fried aubergine, meat and potatoes, with a topping of béchamel sauce. You can also relish the Fasolatha, a well known Greek white bean soup. Prefer the Koulouri, a soft bread covered with sesame seeds for your morning breakfast. The treasure trove of Greek cuisine is not limited to the above-mentioned delicacies. You can always explore the crete island for more luscious dishes to enjoy with your family or friends.

Greek Cuisine

Crete Island in Greece offers more than these 4 things that we mentioned above. Apply for a Greece visa and visit the captivating Greek island with your family or loved ones.