Evros tourism – A chance to witness the real beauty!

August 1, 2019

Evros Tourism – A magnificent regional unit of Greece!

One of the largest regions in Greece – Evros, it is situated in north east point of the country. Evros Greece is one of the richest in terms of biodiversity in the whole of Europe. If you are a true nature lover, planning the Evros tourism could be one of the best decisions. Once in Evros Greece, you can witness variety of fauna and wild life. Many of them are under the danger of extinction! Hence, the area of Evros River Delta has been declared as protected ecosystem.

With wide array of top things to do in Evros region, it is considered as one of the leading Greece holiday destinations. Are you planning Evros tourism itinerary? Get your Greece Visit Visa ready and consider the following top places to visit in Evros Greece:

evros tourism 1. Art of Silk Museum –

The modern museum of Silk! This silk museum is just the start of your Evros excursion! Famous for the production and manufacturing of luxurious fabric, the Tsiakiri Silk House founded this modern museum. Soufli, Evros houses it! The mammoth machines in the museum, presents the complete process of manufacturing & weaving. Furthermore, you can shop variety of silk items in the emporium of the Art of Silk Museum. In order to know more, you can enjoy a guided tour organised for groups and schools.

art of silk museum

2. Panagia Kosmosotira –

The most historic point of the Thracians Christians! Founded by Byzantine Emperor Isaas I Komnenos in 1151, Panagia Kosmosotira is the 900 years old Monastery. The structure is beautifully situated at the hilltop in the center of Feres. It is built with stones and bricks with beautiful five domes. The central one has a 7 meters diameter with windows all around.

Panagia Kosmosotira3. Ethnological Museum of Thrace –

Study the Civilization of Thrace! The nominee of European Museums Award is located in Alexandroupolis. Initially in the year 1973, the museum was inaugurated in the building known as ‘Old Government House’ or ‘Villa Modiano’, on a five hectare plot of land. The building is divided into four-levels – Semi-Basement, Two Floors and an Attic. The methodology of this museum is different from any other! It starts with collecting, researching and studying the residues of traditional culture in Macedonia and Thrace. Later, these are exhibited to general public in expositions. In addition, there is a specialized Library and photographic archive in the museum itself.

Ethnological Museum of ThraceHowever, the list in endless! You will not regret a single moment spend in Evros Greece. What are you waiting for? Plan your tour now! You are just a Greece visa away!

Happy Journey!