Paxos – The Treasure Island of Greece

November 5, 2018

Greek Islands lure droves of tourists every year from around the world for its serene atmosphere. Every island of Greece has its own distinctive characteristics that ignite the imagination and satisfy the soul of every visitor. Greek Islands are a perfect destination for all those who seek solace.

Greek Island Paxos – Crystal clear Waters

Most visitors to Greece often wish to include Islands in their trip, but are often bewildered by the number and variety. With around 6000 islets surrounding Greece, each Island is unique in its own way, boasting irresistible waters, myriad landscapes & varying degrees of development. To discover the magical attractions, entertainment and much more of Greek islands Apply for Greece Visa now.  

Paxos is one such heaven that tourists eye to get away from the mundane routine & celebrate life. It is a largest Island of Paxoi, the smallest Island group spread over an area of 76 square kilometers. The name of this Island is derived from Pax, which means trapezoidal in Phoenicians’ language, the first settlers on Paxos Island. The island sits in Ionian Sea, the western coast of mainland Greece.

Paxos is a great island for anyone who loves a bit of beach life & translucent turquoise waters. The area of this island is 7 miles by 3 and can be easily explored by foot, bike, car or boat. This small Island is one of the most enchanting hideaways you could hope to find.

Paxos Greece – The Charming Island One must Visit

Over the years Paxos has improved its transport infrastructure and now has a population of around 2500. The island is a home to numerous family friendly- beaches. The best beaches surrounding this small island of Paxos include:

  • Harami & Kanoni
  • Orkos
  • Lakkos
  • Marmari & Kipos
  • Plakes
  • Monodendri
  • Galazio

The list of these crystal beaches with blue green waters is non-exhaustive. Majority of these beaches are secluded places to enjoy privacy while some beaches are organized with few umbrellas and sun-beds offering a perfect place to relish sunbath. Moreover, the hospitality offered by the locals of Paxos Island makes you feel at home.

paxos island greece

A boat is the only means to get to Paxos Island Despite of the hardships to reach this Island, it enjoys the tranquility & is a much sought-after Greek Island holiday destination, a popular retreat for honeymooners and loved-up couples of all ages. With the trio of large harbors, Paxos Island is a big stopover favorite with yatch flotillas.

Enjoying dream dining with your loved ones is an intrinsic part of people’s idea of a romantic holiday. Well Paxos lives us to the people’s dream and offers a romantic destination with brilliant menu of options for magical dinners. The regional specialties of Paxos include:

  • Sofrito:

    Beef in wine sauce with garlic and parsley

  • Pastitsada:

    A stew of chicken or veal with tomatoes, cinnamon and onions, served with pasta

  • Bourdeto:

    A fiery fish stew, spiked with paprika, usually made with scorpionfish

If you can crack a bottle down, the celebrated wins of this place include Asproudi, Lianorgo, Tsoukanarias, Fidias and Petrokoryntho.

The west coast of the Island offers dramatic cliffs, more off-the-beaten-track bays, and picture perfect sites of the wildflower grasslands. The view of Hillsides of Paxos carpeted in olive groves is mesmerizing. With its dinky beaches, toy-town villages and dainty hills, the place is best for those who adore nature & deemed heaven for those who seek solace and aspire to get lost in the scenic beauty of the nature.

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