Celebrate Greek Independence Day with a Greece visa

February 2, 2021

Greece is an alluring country that is home to iconic tourist locations, historical sites & amazing festivals. One of those events is Greek Independence Day. Read on to know more about the history & amazing attractions of the Independence Day of Greece.

When is the Greek Independence Day Celebrated?

Greece Independence Day is a national holiday that is celebrated on 25th March every year.

The Greek National Celebration was blended with another traditional festival called the Feast of the Annunciation. Therefore, Independence Day holds much importance in the hearts of the people of Greece.

The Greek Independence Day

Background of the Greek Independence Day

The Ottoman Empire had invaded the region of Greece & ruled it for more than 400 years. Greek people had to face a lot of oppression, injustice & lack of freedom. That is why they chose to rise & revolt against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. This resulted in an important event – The War of Greek Independence.

The war took place around the time when the church was celebrating the Feast of the Annunciation. It is believed by the Greeks that the maiden Mary was informed of her pregnancy by the Archangel Gabriel on the day of the feast.

A Gist of the War of Greek Independence& the Subsequent Events

At the Monastery of AgiaLavras, Bishop Germanos raised the Flag of Greece. By doing so, he prompted the Peloponnese to revolt against the Ottomans. The modern Greek State or “The Hellenic State” was founded in 1828.

This newly formed region comprised of central parts of Greece & the Peloponnese. John Kapodistrias was the first Governor of Greece. He is credited for helping Greeks to make amazing advancements in the Education & Economy of Greece.

Main Attractions of Greek Independence Day in Greece

Celebrations across the Country

The Greek Independence Day is celebrated by undertaking military demonstrations, enthralling parades & patriotic speeches.

All across the country, schools organize parades in which you will witness Kids celebrating Independence Day in traditional dresses. They march in these parades whole showcasing the Greek National Flag.

Greek Independence Day

Witness One of the Biggest Greek Parades

Athens hosts one of the biggest Independence Day parades in the country. You can see the Hellenic Armed Forces Squadrons, Marching bands & Military Vehicles in all their glory. Thousands of spectators & leaders of the Government gather to remember this iconic event with friends, family & loved ones.

Visit the Greek Orthodox Church

Many locals, foreigners & tourists visit the Church for the morning service. The church usually celebrates the Feast of the Annunciation. This is followed by a memorial service.

Relish Scrumptious Greek Food

Some of the most popular foods that you can savor on Greek Independence Day are Skordalia&Bakaliaros. Skordalia is a garlic & potato dip-based dish whereas Bakaliaros is Batter-fried salted cod. Independence Day is usually celebrated in the lent season where people don’t consume fish or meat. However, Due to the Feast of Annunciation, you are allowed to eat fish on 25th March.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for Greece Visa & visit the enthralling country with loved ones to celebrate Greek Independence Day.