Island Vacation Calling- Best Greek Islands in 2020

March 4, 2020

Hello travel enthusiasts! Head over with your friends and family to Greece for an extravagant experience. We will provide a guide through for some of the best Greek islands to visit in 2020 with your loved ones.

We have also included the places where you can savour delicious Greek food and head out for sightseeing.
So grab your Visa to Greece so that you won’t miss an opportunity to have a wonderful Greek island tour.

Greece is known for its stunning Greek islands and the beauty of it all is breathtaking.

Best Greek Islands in 2020 to visit with loved ones

We have compiled some of the best Greek islands you must visit below:

Skiathos- The Sandy Beaches and Pine Forests

Skiathos Greek Island

Skiathos is known for its sandy beaches and it is also known for its beautiful wooden landscape.
Some of monasteries and museum sites of interests on this island are Holy Monastery of Evangelistria, Old Monastery of Panaghia Ekonistria, and Byzantine Church of Christ (in the Castle).
It is also one of the delicious Greek islands, so thumbs up for all the foodies to visit this beautiful island.
This island has 16 gorgeous white sandy beaches of which, Lalaria Beach is the most peaceful beach. It has turquoise waters and limestone cliffs giving a spiritual Greek island vibe.

Lefkada- Lesser-known best Greek Islands

Lefkada greek island

The lush of Greek Island, Lefkada is one of the most beautiful Greek islands but it is not safe for children. It is a best Greek islands for single travellers.

It gives a paradise and laid back vibe, which is best for a perfect getaway. This island has hidden pebble coves, the roads are curvy and steep and scary bends.
Egremni beach is one of the most known beaches on the island, which is accessible only through waterways, as there are no roads thereafter a huge earthquake.

Milos is another beach on this island which is known for hiking because of the rocky path. It is best for the person who is travelling to Greece for the first time. It is known for its uniqueness and beauty. Grab your Greece Visa to experience the best holiday of your life.

Amorgos- Best visited the Greek island

amorgos greek island

Being one of the lesser-known islands, Amorgos is still unknown to many. This island is known for its scenic beauty and mesmerizing caves.
People who love privacy can head over to this island to enjoy their tranquillity and privacy.
Some of the beaches you could visit is Katapola, Aegiali and Chora. So what is keeping you people? Get your Visa and head over for a holiday to this beautiful island.

Mykonos: Serenity is the definition

mykonos greek island

Mykonos is the cosmopolitan island of Greece and the beauty will certainly meet your expectations.
It is the best Greek island for every occasion as you can go there for shopping, party, enjoy nature, five-star hotels and everything in between.
The windy and breezy weather makes it the island of breeze.

Cephalonia/ Kefalonia: Getaway Island for Family


Kefalonia is known for its exotic islands and mostly loved by foreigners and also most photographed island of Greece. Its sheer beauty and attractive locations are sure to draw your attention.

Cephalonia is known for drogarati caves and sapphire waters. This island is also known for its art crafts and if you are a person who loves architectural beauty, this place is surely for you.

Do not miss an opportunity to visit these beautiful islands.

Ithaca: The most mythical island

ithaca greek island

Ithaca is known for the stunning beaches and crystal clear water. It is the best greek islands for couples.

There are trekking and hiking pathways for bagging an adventurous experience. It is also known for seafood and warm and sweet locals.

Some of the organised beaches on this island are Agios Ioannis, Filiatro and Sarakiniko. Certainly one of the adventurous and fun-filled islands of Greece!

Syros- Cultural and Offseason Cachet

syros greek island

Syros is known for its cultural heritage. Covered with the monasteries and museums, this island gives old school vibes. This island is ideal for the people for a romantic getaway with their loved ones.
The beautiful sunset views and attractive scenery is sure to give a fairy tale.

Zakynthos/ Zante: Seaside holiday site for youth


The fabulous beaches, sunsets and parks on this island are best for a family vacation.
Bokhali is a beautiful town on this island which has a view of harbour and Bay of Laganas. There is also greenery to give a peaceful vibe.
Some more of the attractions of Zakynthos are The National Marine Park, St Dionysios and Zante by the glass. What is making you wait? Get a ticket to Greece and head over to this beautiful holiday with family.

Rhodes: Travelling back in time

Rhodes greek island

Rhodes Island is a global heritage which makes it one of the best holiday destinations. You could even make it your wedding destination because of how romantic the place is.
Not to forget the mouth-watering food and historical places to add beauty and certainly one best visited Greek islands.
Some of the places to visit here are Acropolis of Lindos, Symi Island and Palace of the Grand Master.
When it comes to beaches, you could visit Agios Pavlos beach and Saint Paul’s bay.

Naxos: Endless Sandy Beaches


Naxos is the island on Greece with most greenery. It is not very crowded and peaceful. There are also many mountains here to having a trekking experience.
It is one of the lesser-known best Greek Islands you must visit which makes it authentic to visit for spiritual experience.
Some of the sites to visit on this island are The Portara, Naxos City, Mount Zas and Apano Kastro. Happy Vacations!

Tinos: Cheapest and better than the rest islands


Tinos Island is the most beautiful of all Greece islands. It is a completely different world with beauty way beyond expectations.
The best part is it is cheaper when compared to other islands and also beautiful than the rest of the Greece islands. It has beautiful landscapes and historic views and breathtaking sceneries. Make sure to visit Tinos island when you’re visiting Greece.

Aren’t you all excited to take a vacation already after the best Greek islands guide? What is stopping you then? Grab the Visa for Greece and head over to a vacation of your dreams. Happy holidays!