Folegandros- The Legendary Greek Island in the Aegean Sea

February 19, 2019

An Island with wild natural beauty, Folegandros island Greece is a small yet serene island located between Paros & Santorini. Found close to popular islands of Cyclades, Folegandros Island keeps an authentic character with a relaxing atmosphere, hospitality & tranquil beaches. It is one of the many secluded Greek isles that offers a peek of nature in a serene way. To unfold the enchanting beauty of this captivating island, get your Greece Visa now!

Folegandros has a landscape of dry hills with kilometers of dry stone walls over a deep blue sea. The crystal clear blue waters of the sea at this alluring Greek Islands gained it recognition as one of the top 10 most visited beaches in the world. With breathtaking views, Cycladic architecture & secluded beaches, Folegandros is ideal for both families & romantic couples alike.  The place beckons to those who aspire to try new flavors, take hikes & strolls of a different kind, isolate themselves from everything & relish life to its fullest.

Discover sites of Folegandros Island

Folegandros is home to multitude of euphoric sites that fascinates travelers from across the globe. These include:

Folegandros Island

Picturesque Streets of Chora: The streets of Chora are one of the most beautiful & magnificent places in the Greek Islands. Adorned with bougainvilleas, dotted with some of the most enchanting villas and luxury hotels in Greece, the picturesque streets of Chora signal your starting point and finish line of your everyday Folegandros excursions. The streets are flooded with hushed & serene restaurants, vibrant discos, fine jewelry, gift & souvenir shops & swanky nightclubs. Wandering through the narrow lanes, contemplating the horizons from the mills & exploring the hidden corners, you will only encounter pure beauty. To behold & cherish the marvelous & magical ambience of the Street of Chora, apply for Greece Visa now.


Pristine beaches with private atmosphere and crystal water: Esteemed for the tranquil surroundings, spectacular views, & stunning landscape, the beaches of this unspoiled island is a perfect backdrop for a calm vacation that combines leisure with sightseeing & endless sunbathing. Folegandros, just as most of the Cyclades Greek Islands offers all kinds of beaches to satisfy every taste. These include:

  • Livadaki Beach, small pebble beach of absolute seclusion
  • Hohlidia, large sandy coast ideal for families
  • Latinaki, a blissful private beach etc.

To embark on this enthralling journey to the best Folegandros beaches, grab your Greece Visa & gather memories for life.


Scrumptious Mediterranean Delight in Folegandros: Folegandros boasts a proud gastronomic culture with rich & varied culinary ingredients. Heavily influenced by seafood from waters that surround the island, the Cycladic cuisine is indeed delectable. Besides being lip-smacking & finger licking, the dishes are eminent for their health benefits & fresh ingredients. Among the numerous culinary delights of this island include

  • Matsata, fresh pasta served with tomato sauce & meat.
  • Fusilli, a form of pasta formed into corkscrew or helical shapes.
  • Papardelle, large, broad, flat pasta noodles similar to wide fettucine.
  • Barbouni or red Mullet, a favored delicacy in Mediterranean is a seminal work of culinary scholarship.


  • Known for the magical charm of its white-washed Hora with its old Castle that has been occupied since medieval times, Folegandros Island Greece fascinates tourists from round the globe. To immerse in the captivating aura of amusement & gather memories for life in this captivating bliss, apply for Visa to Greece now!