Pindus National Park – Greece

November 7, 2019

Greece has infinite destinations to lure Tourists travelling on Greece Visa! There is a fraternity of tourists out there who like to be close to nature! They admire the natural beauty more than the artificially created wonders! Pindus national park in Greece is an ideal travel destination for these nature enthusiasts!
Also known as the Warm valley in Aromanian or simply Valia Clada, It is spread in secluded Mountain ranges north western Greece areas of Epirus & West Macedonia. The total area covered by this national park is about 2000 sq kilometers. Tourists with Greece Schengen Visa are always welcome here!
Pindus National Park is reachable by road from all directions. The nearest airport is about 30 kms in Loannina.

Silene & Campanula flowers add beauty to this valley. The possibility of flourishing of these rare flower species in the national park is a combination of efforts from humans & Mother Nature. The area is deemed highly protected by the local authorities to preserve the ecosystem. Mother Nature also plays a vital role in this joint venture! The ranges have Serpentine soil helpful in the growth of these rare plants and the tough terrain prevents them from being grazed!

European Bears seek solace here! It is an endangered species and the centre of attraction for many! Apart from Bears, The Pindus national park is a home to a number of wild animals like wild boars, wolves, beech martens, deers and wild cats! Lynx with their one of a kind gaze attracts tourists to visit this park. Rare Goat antelope chamois walks freely on the mountain ranges!
As most of the part of this national park covers these ranges, it is considered a heaven for tourists who have a keen interest in Hiking & Trekking. The Management committee encourages hikers & trekkers to have a trained professional experienced guide with them all the time during the activity. They also have identified pre defined paths for the ease of tourists. The precautionary step is to ensure security of Tourists as the area is considered Bear prone. It is also strongly recommended to carry all the necessary equipments & food supplies while hiking.

Though these are considered as mandatory precautionary measures, the rules give an adrenalin rush to tourists! The charm of unexplored sites and amazing views mesmerizes amateur photographers to capture the beauty of this national park.
Greece Visa Tourists who do not find themselves physically fit enough to directly take on the challenges presented by this park, can use designated roads with their vehicles to live the excitements. AS this is a protected area with environmental importance, seeking any kind of thrills with your vehicle is strictly not allowed. These thrills include over speeding & off-roading.
These mountains also have a large number of streams flowing through the area to join two main rivers. For tourists interested in water based sporting activities like kayaking and river rafting, it is a must to have an official guide services.