winter in greece

Winter in Greece: List of Greece’s top winter destinations

December 25, 2019

Greece is a land of staggering contrasts & spectacular beauty. White arcing beaches and sparkling aqua waters under sun-drenched skies are perhaps the best adjectives to describe the essence of a quintessential Greece vacation. Greece is undoubtedly a summer favourite tourist attraction, however winter in Greece again offers myriad of irresistible charms.
Before you can plan your itinerary to Greece with Tourist Greece Visa, let us sneak a peek at the top attractions and activities to relish in Greece during winter.

Winter in Greece: Best places to explore during winter in Greece

Greece’s winter wonderlands include:

Zagori – Perfect Celbratory Backdrop

Located in the northwest corner of Greece, Zagori is a mountainous region of stunning beauty. Spread across 1,000 square kilometres, it is an alluring region that has a total number of 46 villages of mesmerising beauty. The place boasts an extensive network of picturesque villages, hidden peaks and scenic landscapes.

Zagori Greece

Zagori is a great destination for those seeking an adrenaline rush. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding & other fun activities like rafting, horse riding, mountain biking or rock climbing. This place is a paradise of unspoiled nature. It is flourished with rare species of fauna and flora, including endangered species. Hence, Zagori boosts trip to Greece in winter to a major extent.

Arachova – Winter Sports & Relaxation

Arachova is often referred to by Greeks as the Winter Mykonos. Located at an altitude of 973 meters, this town is a popular destination for those seeking winter sports & relaxation.

Arachova Greece

Arachova exudes a cosmopolitan charmin Greece during winter. Hiking in the mountains around Arachova, skiing, climbing & mountain cycling at the exquisite trails of the national park of Parnassos are a unique experiences not to be missed. Grab a Greece Visa & head to Arachova for an exhilarating time of adventure with loved ones.

Kalavryta – Alluring Adventureland

Kalavryta is a small mountainous town of alluring beauty in the north of Greece. It is a popular destination in Greece during winter on account of its ski center on the slopes of Mount Helmos. This center has 12 runs with 7 ski lifts & a total length of 20 km.

Kalavryta Greece

Kalavryta is a dreamlike setting comprising of stone-built houses, small squares, picturesque cafés & charming alleys.It is an ideal destination for nature admirers & those seeking adventure.

Metsovo – Stunning Scenery

Metsovo is an area of imposing beauty where the average temperature does not exceed 10° C year round.It is a picturesque place where the mountains coexist in harmony with the verdant vegetation and all forms of water. The place is half hidden in fog & wrapped in majestic snow blanket as winter sets in.

Metsovo Greece

Metsovo is a marvellous village with an air of impressionist paintings. Blessed with stunning scenery, it is also a perfect base station to indulge in some ski fun. The plethora of hiking trails, pine forests and hidden rivers offer a surrounding perfect for nature enthusiasts.

List of Greece’s top winter destinations is non-exhaustive. Besides, winter in Greece is the best time for:

1. Hiking on the country’s many walking trails
2. Relishing many outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, white water rafting, horse riding, mountain biking or rock climbing
3. Soaking up a truly festive feeling with the streets full of Christmas shoppers & twinkling lights adorning the city.
4. Enjoying the Greek Islands in a different light with locals who settle back into their habitats.
5. Admiring Greek’s ancient landmarks without crowds of tourists.
With a profusion of alluring winter destinations, it is plausible to recognize that winter in Greece is the perfect celebratory backdrop. To explore the multitude of popular destinations in Greece during winter, Apply for Greece Visa from UK now!