What are the sacred places Greece you must visit during a stay?

September 10, 2020

Have you ever heard of Greece? Have you ever visited the sacred places Greece? No, never, ever ! However, you have of course included Greece in the list of countries you absolutely want to see and visit for spiritual journey Greece ? Look no further, we will convince you to visit Greece and visit Greek sacred places to visit at the pace of your holiday.
Greece is the cradle of Western civilization. From the capital Athens to the Greek islands, this country has enough sacred sites to fill a library with guidebooks. Among all these sacred sites Greece, one in particular stands out:

The Parthenon, Athens


One of the most sacred places in Greek mythology is the Pantheon. The Parthenon rises majestically above the city. Designed and built by the famous Greek sculptor Phidias on the parched summit of the Athens Acropolis, the temple has been synonymous with the Golden Age of Greece for almost 3,000 years. Once the sanctuary of the goddess Athena, it was filled with the most incredible sculptures and paintings. Today it is a noble ruin, but it is still as impressive as ever. The Parthenon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and is a highlight of any tour in Greece.

Delphi, Mt Parnassus

To the northwest of Athens, overlooking the beaches of the Gulf of Corinth, you will find the sacred mountain of Parnassus. The ancient Greeks considered it to be the centre of the earth, presided over by the goddess Gaia. Later, the Oracle of Delphi, a mystical priestess who could predict the future, took up residence there. Nowadays, there are also ski resorts on the mountain that attract many adventurous tourists who want to hit the slopes.

Christian Thessaloniki


With its range of Christian monuments and one of the most spiritual places Greece, Thessaloniki is almost an open-air museum. Beyond the ancient walls of Greece’s second largest city, you can explore sacred sites that date from Hellenistic times to the present day. Among the highlights is the Church of the Saviour, dating from the 14th century. This small Christian church is hidden under the ground and features mosaics depicting the Ascension of Jesus. You can have the choice of taking a city tour or visiting the Byzantine part of the city.

The Chapels of Santorini – Sacred Place Greece

Famous for its luxurious beaches, whitewashed buildings and unique hotels, the island of Santorini is a postcard destination. Religion is an important part of local life on the Greek islands and Santorini has many fine Greek chapels that visitors can also visit. A highlight is the Panagia Katefiani Chapel, a remarkable hilltop chapel offering unparalleled views.

Monasteries of Meteors


It is one of the most impressive places in Greece. The cliffs and rock formations of Meteora were first settled by religious hermits in the 9th century, who climbed them to escape persecution. Soon afterwards there was a whole community of rock monasteries which survived in one form or another for centuries. Today, six of these monasteries are still museums.

Archaeological site of Olympia, Olympia

Experience the spirit of the Olympic Games at the archaeological site of Olympia and Greek places of worship, where the birth of the world’s most popular sporting event took place.
The site of the first Games, organized in honour of Zeus, took place here in 776 BC. The remains of burnt food and offerings unearthed in the area bear witness to a long history of religious activity on the site, dating back to a period well before the first Games. The ancient sanctuary contains the ruins of the temples dedicated to Zeus and Hera, an altar area made for sacrifices, and an alleged tomb of Pelops. To see where the best athletes of the ancient world trained and competed, take a guided walk around the ruins. Choose to start, end or focus your holiday on the archaeological site of Olympia using our Olympia Itinerary Calculator.

Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Delphi


Walk among the remains of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Doric temple dedicated to the great Greek god. First built around the 7th century BC, the temple was later destroyed and rebuilt several times. Some ruins of the large temple with six columns and fifteen sides are still standing and have been partially restored. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Mount Parnassus. Wear comfortable shoes, it is quite a walk to reach the temple, which is part of a larger complex of archaeological sites. Make your route from Delphi with Inspirock to find out what to see and where to go.

Arkadi Monastery, Rethymnon

Resembling a fortress, the Eastern Orthodox monastery of Arkadi was an important and Greece religious site of Cretan resistance against Ottoman domination. During the Cretan revolt of 1866, women, the elderly and children took refuge in the monastery’s toilets to escape the fighting. When the Ottomans reached the bathroom, the hidden Cretans lit gunpowder, killing themselves and many Turkish soldiers. Admire the varied architecture of the complex. Be sure to spend some time in the 16th century church. This remarkable construction was highly influenced by Renaissance art. Take care to respect the many pilgrims who come here for spiritual reasons in one of the most sacred sites of Ancient Greece.

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